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Testimonial Basics 4.0.8  0

Just a few bug fixes in this update.

A user noticed the widget display jerks the screen when put in the footer. This has been fixed, I hope :)

Expressions Version 2.1.0  0

The latest update for Expressions (Version 2.1.0) is now available for download.

This is a pretty major update for Expressions :

  • Home Page – a new 4 service box area has been added
  • Home Page – any of the 8 sections can now be used in any of the 8 area layouts giving more flexibility to the user
  • You can continue to use the existing icons or you can switch to font-icons for posts, Post Format Icons, and Social icons
  • Author Widget – a new author widget has been developed, allowing easy display of author bios
  • Contact Me Widget – You can now use a contact widget instead of a contact form.
  • Nivo slider – added options to allow selection of slider effect, transition time and pause time.
  • added 3 slider options without navigation buttons
  • many behind the scenes code improvements

This update has been in the works for 3 months, longer then it should normally be but a detached retina with complications got in the way. It has been pretty extensively tested, and I hope it works great for your site. If there are any problems, be sure to let me know and I will fix them.

Try the theme, and if you decide to use it, recognize the efforts with a donation.

Testimonial Basics 4.0.6  0

Testimonial Basics 4.0.6 is now available for download.

A summary of the upgrade is below :

  • You can now have multiple input forms on a page
  • There is a bulk delete feature in the Edit Testimonials Panel
  • An optional CSS star rating system can be used, in place of the jQuery one. This option provides an option for users when the jQuery one is not working properly. It also give the user better control on the color and shadow of the stars.
  • Thankyou/Error messaging has been improved, allowing on page or popup messaging.
  • Widget input form labels can now optionally be placed above the text boxes.
  • Email notes are now separate for the widget and content input forms.

Testimonial Basics has continued to gain happy users. Since it was first introduced in September 2012, it has gone through 17 updates, and it continues to improve.

Keep the suggestions coming :)

Also remember to donate, it’s a huge effort to maintain the plugin so remember to show your appreciation.

blogBox Version 4.0.2  5

This update covers a few bug fixes

  • Fixed demo2 reference – This was causing confusion as new users were directed to the Expressions Theme demo site for documentation. You will now be referred to the blogBox demo site.
  • Fixed three box height problem, home page will refresh on resize
  • Added minor css improvements
  • Updated Color box to 1.5.5 and added slideshow option – now when you click on a gallery image color box will bring up the gallery in a slideshow presentation. You will be able to pause the slideshow and flip through the slides as well.

Testimonial Basics 4.0.5  0

This was just an interim update to solve a nasty little problem that arose the past few days.

  • added function to display the input form in code
  • fixed bug where wpautop was adding line breaks to rating html causing it to break

I am working on a more significant update, but it will take a while.

Pass on your wish list now :)

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